External And
Security Lighting

The perfect kind of lighting can add to the beauty and dimension of the house. Lighting is also an integral part of an effective system for home security.
Outdoor safety lighting discourages intruders by increasing the risk of being caught from entering your house. The best lighting design allows for visual identification and recognition of the eyes, minimizes hiding spots and increasing the sense of security.

You don’t have to light up your home like a chandelier for security. Over-illumination can attract unwanted attention in your home and valuable items and can cause light pollution. We help to determine the right type of light placement with the right intensity.

Identify potential safety and security risks when designing a security lighting system by surveying the perimeter of the home, investigating the criminal history of the neighborhood, and considering the impact of additional lighting in the surrounding areas.

Good lighting is standardized to avoid glare and deep shadows from being generated and allows for direct visibility of anyone in or around the house. It meets local ordinances on mounting height, form of source, wattage, shielding, and conservation of energy.

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