Fault Finding

If an electrical socket or appliance is not working it is usually due to issues in the electric system. Isolating a circuit and testing it can help determine where the issue lies.
We are registered with an electrical certification scheme and are experienced in providing complete solution for fault finding. 

Never take electrical safety risks by trying to look for faults yourself. Some safety precautions we obey are: turn off the main power at the unit / fuse box.

Types Of Fault We Find

Earth Fault, Tripping Circuit Breaker/RCD. Dead Short, Phase to Neutral/Phase to Phase, Correct Protective Device in place, Defective Components, Breakdown of Control Circuits, Reversed Polarity, Initial Faults on newly Installed work.

There are only a number of reasons why a circuit is going to stop working as it should. As an electrician becomes more advanced and discovers more of these faults they learn to know them very easily, and then they need only prove their hypothesis by checking the circuit successfully to reaffirm their initial assumptions. Repair is often easy once the fault is located.

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