Installation Of Ceiling
And Exhaust Fans

North Lakes Electricians offers commercial and industrial electrical installation of ceiling and exhaust fans throughout North Lakes and neighborhood areas in Moreton Bay Region.
We are fully insured for complete design of our range of fans and electrical installation services for customers of all sizes, as well as HIGHLY approved electrical contractors providing electrical maintenance and repair services. We have established ourselves as a reliable, experienced team and are committed to maintaining our reputation for our hard work and excellent customer service.

Our electrical installation services are not limited to fixed-wire electrical installations, but include all aspects of M&E solutions, including alarms, security, lightning and more.


When we work with homeowners and housing associations, the customer’s focus tends to focus on safety and value. While these are also important to our customers, when working in a commercial building at North Lakes Electricians speed and efficiency are incredibly important.

We understand how important it is to provide you with fast, reliable service with the least possible disruption and interruption; that’s why we take the time to meet you, understand your time, and understand your needs and work in your business to achieve them.

From routine regulatory compliance to troubleshooting, we know that working time can mean a loss of business, even if it is large or small. A commercial electrical installation can be a frightening expectation of upgrade or retrofit. By choosing to work with North Lakes Electricians, we can discuss your concerns and work together to ensure that all work is done appropriately for you.

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