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We have been working in the North Brisbane area for the past 15 years as a fully licensed, electrical contracting company. We are residential electrical contractors in North Brisbane approved for residential electrician. We are readily available to deal promptly and efficiently with all your electrical and data needs.
Our electricians are here to provide you with an efficient and reliable service in your area. We are experienced in providing services to big and small residential property owners whether it’s for day-to-day work or emergency services.

We service high-voltage distribution lines, cabling, construction, reinstallation, repair and maintenance services. We also operate on low-voltage devices such as power regulators, energy recovery, wireless networks, fiber optics, networking, and security systems.

We are one of the residential builders favorite electrical contractors. We are responsible for ensuring electrical systems operate in an efficient and safe way.

Services We Provide Include

Residential Electric Services

Power Points

We install power points or electric outlets for residential buildings. No matter where you want the outlets, we put good quality and safe power point for your appliances and electronic devices.


We install lighting services for new and old houses. We plan light placement and safe wiring for residential lighting.

TV Points

We provide TV power point installations at your home. If you’re changing your TV or relocating it, you may need help with TV installation. 

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are one of the important safety precautions for residential buildings. They save people from accidental fire breakout.

Spa And Pool Power

We provide safe and effective power installation for spa and pool power. Water and electricity is a deadly combination that is why provide safe power installation for spas and pools.

Home Office Fit Outs

If you are planning to resign part of your house for home office, we provide complete electric home office fit outs. We will install all the necessary lighting, wiring and power point installation for home offices.

Hot Water Repairs

If you are having issues with your hot water system in your house we provide good quality repairs. We are one of the best known hot water repairs in North Brisbane.

Commercial Electric Services

Office And Shop Refurbishminent

If you need repair maintenance or new installation for office and shop, we provide complete electric services. We will install high quality lighting, safe wiring and functional power points etc for your office and shop refurbishment.

Surge Protection

Power surges can destroy electric appliances, cause fire and decrease the longevity of the appliances and devices. We can protect you from electric surges by proper earthing and lighting rod installation.

Security And Emergency Lighting

We install security and emergency lighting for commercial property. Our professionals know the type of lights to be used, the type of place of installation etc.

Data And Communication Cabling

We provide highly effective data and communication cabling that works at top condition decades after decades.

Fault Finding And Repairs

Electric faults can cause massive powers, power surges and power outages. We find faults and repair them so you don’t suffer electric issues.

Test And Tagging Of Equipment And Appliances

Portable Device Testing is an important part of protecting the electrical safety of your business, home or business.

Property Management

24 Hour Emergency Service

We provide 24-hour electric emergency services, weather it’s lights out, power surges, short circuits, small scale electric fires. Our staff is always ready to help on one single call.

Installation Of Ceiling And Exhaust Fans

We provide safe and effective installation of ceiling and exhaust fans with good quality material.

Smoke Detector Installation

We specialize in installing smoke detectors installation for commercial and residential properties. Our crew know the placement and effective installation of smoke detectors quite well. 

Stoves, Ovens, Cook Tops

We provide services related to electrical maintenance, installation and repair of stoves, ovens and cooktops.

Supply And Installation Of RCD (Safety Switches)

We have the best quality RCD switches and install them for offices and homes.

Why Choose Us ?


We determine the steps needed to complete the work and the timelines and resources for these steps.


We are highly experienced and certified electricians in North Brisbane area.


We make sure to provide you the best electric service in North Brisbane.


We make resources are available for appropriate part of the project.


We manage the budget to keep the project on target.


We are highly experienced and certified electricians in North Brisbane area.


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