Power Points

Does your home have the right electrical outlets to meet the needs of your family? 

Every year people are getting more and more electrical appliances for their homes. These appliances need sockets to plug them into. Our North Lakes Electrician specialists understand your need for power points and offer assistance in the installation of the outlet. We install indoor and outdoor power outlet weather it’s outdoor barbecue furnace or indoor refrigerator.

You can be confident with the quality of the work we provide–our skilled technicians are qualified and certified enough to perform such work.

We will assess damaged power points and safely fix them if needed. You can avoid accidents and increase power efficiency by replacing some old power outlets. And if you ensure all the outlets are taken proper care of, you will also ensure the safety of your home especially if you have small kids.

If you have limited outlet supply you may have to fight over who will get to recharge their phones or tablets. You can solve a lot of issues by adding a few USB outlets in your living room.

Some Of The Outlets We Install Include

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets, Smart Outlets, USB Outlets, Switched Outlets, Tamper-Resistant Outlets, 15-amp Outlets, 20-amp Outlets, 30-amp Outlets, 50-amp Outlets.

North Lake electrician have been servicing the residential electric needs of Queensland for years. We will help you select the right types of electrical outlets for your needs, and install them for you. Call or write us.


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