Spa And Pool Power 

If you want to experience the luxury of a spa or hot tub pools at home, installing one is the key. However, the most daunting thing about the installation is managing the power. Electrical work and repairs, particularly around water, can be hazardous.

There is a high-chance of shock or electrocution that could lead to severe injury or death. A licensed electrician is strongly advisable for working on spa and pool power. Local cable code, and electric requirements may be different for different localities. If you don’t hire the right people they wouldn’t know the local codes properly. The rules and the local code are well-versed by our licensed workers and inspectors. We make sure to read and follow the manuals and instructions of the brand specific spa system and pool associated electrical part.

We make sure to properly install circuit breakers, insulated wiring, earthing and outlet management. With our electric installation your spa and pool will use less power and become more electric efficient.

Our work starts with an overview of the electrical specifications to cabling of the spa. The right electric current should be provided for spa as indicated in the manual that should meet the load specification of the device. No matter what electric specification is, we will install spa and pool power setup quickly and with efficiency.

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