Surge Protection

Every day, lightning hits houses and building somewhere in the world. Anything within the reach of an electrical storm is at risk. 

Lightning lasts only a few microseconds, causing a dangerous voltage fluctuation that can destroy your electronic devices. Installing surge protection devices can reduce or even prevent damage to your valuables.

Destruction Of Electronics

  • An electrical surge can enter your home directly through a strike or indirectly.
  • Direct strikes occur when lightning passes directly through a building, often causing major damage and fires.
  • Indirect strikes occur when lightning hits power lines connected to a nearby location or directly to a house. When this happens, any connected device or electronic device may be destroyed.

• High replacement costs of electronics and circuits
• Breakdown of network connection

Think again. Even if you’ve already installed a lightning rod, it may not be enough. This will direct the strike to the outside of the building, but some overvoltage can still enter the building’s electrical circuit and damage electronic components that are not protected by the Surge Protection Devices.

We at North Lakes Electricians provide the best surge protection device and installation service in North Lakes. If you need a new surge protection system or advice on reducing your risk factors while such thunderstorms and lightening, then you can call us today.

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