Test And Tagging Of
Equipment And Appliances

Testing the safety of portable electrical appliances. Portable Device Testing is an important part of protecting the electrical safety of your home or business. Let’s help you trust the safety of your mobile devices.
The process involves first visually checking the devices for damage or distortion. Following this step, the device is electronically tested using a Portable Device Tester. When completed, we will apply a compatibility label to show this and specify the test program that applies to this type of device.

The rules for the testing and tagging industry are available in AS/NZS 3760. Depending on your industry, your portable electrical equipment may periodic testing at 3, 6 or 12 months. We can help you ensure that you comply with the legislation.

We work with all kinds of businesses, from multi-nations to single traders. We can work with you too.


Test And Label

Using infrared thermography, heat emissions are evaluated to indicate the presence of an error. Some of the procedure are


Thermal Imaging - Emergency Lighting

All output light systems are reviewed to ensure that they are fully working in emergencies.

Fire Hydrant Test

We can test your hydrants in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure that you are compliant.

Smoke Detector Test

We test your Smoke Detectors to make sure they are working and compatible according to the latest requirements.

Fire Dashboard Test

We also specialize in Fire Dashboard Tests according to relevant standards. Contact us to find out more.

Portable Fire Equipment

After a visual check, the pressure and weight of the fire extinguishers are evaluated and recorded.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

We may draw or update your Emergency Evacuation Diagrams to follow the new guidelines.
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